Saturday, 26 December 2015

Sunday in the (S)park

Last weekend saw something of a goalfest at the ARS, although it's fair to say that the margin of victory was enhanced not only by the, er, clear penalty that made it 1-0 but, also, by the reaction of a few of the Tooting & Mitcham players. If they'd just taken a deep breath and counted to ten before getting on with it the result might well have looked a little more respectable for them.

Highlight of the match, for me anyway, was Craig Young's ballet move before setting up Matt Loaring for the 5th. Craig is one of several that have really upped their game on recent weeks, not through increased effort but applying a bit of thought, keeping it a lot tighter front to back as well as across the pitch.It certainly doesn't hurt that we have a player of the calibre of Ross Allen ploughing a lonely furrow up front until support arrives from midfield. He's been excellent in that role of late and it's surely no coincidence that the goals have been flowing once again.

Far too early to be thinking about play-offs or promotion and neither should we be looking at the form book and assuming any game is going to be easy. Take tomorrow's trip to South Park.

The form book suggests we'll win, especially after the recent win at Worthing with a bare bones squad. The teams know each other quite well and, despite having taken 3 points at the ARS earlier in the season, the hosts will be keen to avenge last season's result at Whitehall Lane when a crazy last few minutes saw us win 7-1.

The weather forecast isn't too bad so the match should be on, although expect a heavy pitch. The squad has picked itself again, with a fair smattering of youth involved in the shape of Robbie Legg, Miles Pengelley and Etienne le Prevost, all of whom have demonstrated they're more than capable of holding their own at this level. Gus Mackay is back as well and the bookies have him at 2-1 on to pick up a yellow within 5 minutes taking the field.

So looking forward to a good contest tomorrow, if you're going check the 'away days' page for news of travel, admission, clubhouse opening etc.

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