Friday, 4 December 2015

Welsh shellfish and beans for Andre......

Whitstable Town head to the rock tomorrow and, let's face it, we should be able to dish out a bit of a drubbing. Firmly rooted at the bottom of the league their recent form is played 6 lost 6. So it will be easy won't it?

The word of caution is they've got a new management team who made their first signing earlier in the week, a chap by the name of Dean Grant who's had spells at Dover, Margate and Ramsgate among others.

OK, just one new player but a new management team and that can be enough to stir things up a little bit so not a match that calls for complacency (not that complacency is a trait of Messrs Vance and Fallaize).

Ignore the form guide and resist the temptation to immerse yourselves in Guernsey's world class retail experience. Get yer arse to the ARS instead and get behind the the lads - a win could push us into fabled land of the play-off place.

If you're really lucky the visit of Whitstable might give you the opportunity of meeting a pissed up Welshman aching to start a fight. A rare opportunity indeed.

While your about it the club is collecting food bank items tomorrow. Non-perishable goods that will be distributed to people in need. After all, not everyone suckles from the breast of the finance industry and associated activities. So please support your local estate agents and give generously....

Seriously though, this is a good initiative and worthy off support, go to the club's website for more info.

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