Monday, 4 January 2016

Hot Flush

First off Happy New Year from Ormering Towers where we've been battling our way through a big batch of grog with a rapidly approaching best before date (nothing but the cheap stuff for us), hence the lack of activity of late.

Since we last made your acquaintance we witnessed a game of two halves down in Reigate. 3-1 down to South Park with half an hour gone we were haunted by thoughts of hammerings past. The midfield was struggling to adjust to the absence of Messrs Fernandez and Black. The defence got nostalgic in its approach to set pieces. The normally point saving Chris Tardif was having a bit of a stinker and Robbie Legg was miscast as the lone frontman, tasked with holding the ball up whilst waiting for the obvious candidate to get forward in support. Credit is due to Robbie for not letting his head drop after what must have been a torrid 45 minutes for a young player still finding his feet at this level - another sign of a good future perhaps.

In short, it wasn't great but the lads did well to make it to the break without further damage and things certainly changed in the second half. With Ross leading the line and Robbie skipping down the wing supplying plenty of ammo the whole team clicked into life and before we knew it we were in the lead. At the end a draw was, perhaps (grudgingly), a fair result.

And so it was that we entered 2016 in, what not too long ago seemed an unlikely, 3rd place in the league looking forward to the visit of the Wasps from football hotbed East Grinstead to the ARS.

As it happened this was another game of two halves, although this time it was down to a swirling wind. Well in charge in the first half, with wind in our favour, it could/should have been more comfortable than a 2 goal advantage at the break.

Things got a little squeaky in the second half, particularly after the visitors got a goal back from the spot and you have to wonder if we would have come away with 3 points against stronger opposition. But 3 points it was, thank you very much, with Craig Young capping off another hard working performance with a fine third goal in injury time.

The highlight though was undoubtedly Jacques Isabelle cocking his trigger to score a belter of goal in the first half. A moment that triggered a myriad hot flushes throughout the Garenne Stand. Mother Ormer is, we understand, still having palpitations.

So two games of two halves and, on balance, two good results.

The players and coaches have done a very good job in turning things round from what, let's face it, was a pretty low point. If we had any of that cut price grog left we'd be raising a glass to them, fingers crossed we can do that in Tolworth on Saturday.

Keep it Green

Allez les Verts!!


'You're barkin' useless ref' was, I'm fairly certain, the shout I heard on several occasions last Saturday afternoon. ...