Sunday, 13 December 2015

Worthing, streaming, fencing and one word. Marvellous.

After a bit of huffing and puffing in a match against arguably the strongest team in the league (well they are propping everyone else up) we ran out reasonably comfortable winners against Whitstable a couple of Saturdays ago. Extending an unbeaten run to 4 matches, notching up 10 points from 12, things were looking good.

Going to the 2nd placed but highest scoring team in the league, with what can best be described as a minimalist interpretation of a bare bones squad, the chances of the run continuing didn't look good. Indeed only a swivel-eyed green tinted specs wearing loon (that'll be you Craig!) would have been expecting a point, let alone all three.

On a day when my legs and various other bits (you choose) didn't get going in time to catch an early enough train I had to watch the match the best way I could (thanks Craig!). And what I saw would have warmed the cockles of the coldest heart.

It doesn't seem that long ago, after the defeat at Folkestone as it happens, that I was moaning (not for the first time) about a midfield not keeping in touch with the back four and so on. This is an aspect of our game that has shown signs of improvement of late and yesterday they got it spot on.

The ubiquitous Ross Allen (who's not far off getting his mojo back) up front on his tod with support from the midfield. But not all of them. Which meant that when Worthing got themselves into some semblance of order in the second half they didn't, or couldn't, create much to concern Chris Tardif.

All credit to the players and all credit to the coaching staff. In a word, marvellous.

A performance and result that made me smile almost as much as another bit of Channel Islands football news made me PMSL. Anyway, piss myself laughing I did when I read of the Crapauds applying for membership of UEFA.

I leaked a little bit more seeing some of the comments from inhabitants of that place. Some of them seem to think it'll be good for Jersey, you know tourism and the like.

The reality is that, even if UEFA change the rules and let them in, it won't bring a single visitor to Jersey unless somebody stumps up the £20m+ necessary to build a stadium that meets UEFA's minimum standards for international football. They'd also need a site and planning permission. As consent wasn't forthcoming for a 6 foot fence around Springfield they'd be better off focussing on a Jersey FC and joining the English pyramid. Won't get far without that fence though.

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