Saturday, 22 September 2018

Of Stench and Bulls

Last week's match against Greenwich Borough meant a trip to Eltham. Once regarded as a magnet for liberal thinking multicultural types it has changed a bit over the years and diversity, one of the things that makes London a great city, is the order of the day. Yes, as you walk along Eltham High Street there's a faint whiff of UKIP in the air and sometimes that whiff  becomes a stench as you come within range of one of 'Tommy Robinson's' embittered followers. A stench you may be familiar with if you've visited a town on the South Coast recently.

On to the ground and Greenwich Borough FC, where things have changed a bit over the summer.

Firstly the funny money's gone. Yes, the lucre derived from marine insurance in landlocked Liechtenstein is no more and the club is in different hands. Nearly everyone involved on matchday appears to be learning on the job, from froth control to counting heads there's plenty of room for development. Spirit's good though and the smiles are genuine.

I say nearly everyone as someone there appears to have some good connections. The team has a lot of lads from professional club academies, drawn from across London and beyond and whilst they looked like a team of strangers at first they were good value for the win, controversial moments not withstanding.

One to forget for us, it's now about Sittingbourne at home this afternoon which is winnable which, incidentally, is what we thought before the last match....

So, Jersey Bulls FC could be joining us in the pyramid next season. Something that should have happened years ago and just a little good luck to them. The name is a nod to the Crapauds dairy industry, which explains why their milk tastes a bit funny. They hope to play at Springfield which doesn't currently meet Step 5 ground grading requirements. They have support in the States though so if that means permission can be obtained to enclose the ground and the cage can be removed it can only be a good thing.

To close, some images which capture the febrile atmosphere last weekend.

A sausage, a wrap and a mild mannered janitor.

With the trials and tribulations of last season fast receding and o the back of three impressive displays, unbeaten against teams expected ...