Friday, 18 December 2015

From the Bog End to the ARS, with Crapauds to boot

It's a case of Bog End to the ARS tomorrow with Tooting & Mitcham United out for a day trip in what will be unseasonably mild, bordering on warm, conditions. They've not exactly had a stellar season so far but have won the last 2 matches, 3-1 away to Dorking Wanderers followed by a 4-0 home spanking of low flying East Grinstead.

Get your arse down the ARS and the match might even provide a distraction from the ever popular antics of our favourite piece of fuzzy felt, beer swilling Roary the sodding lion. When that's all over the clubs Christmas raffle will be drawn. Chances are you won't win the big cash prize but you might win a return ferry crossing. Or it could be a one way trip or, most likely, neither pf the above.

One of the stories of the week in the Isthmian South was the news that Peacehaven & Telscombe have had to slash their playing budget. The news led to one or two of their three or four supporters bemoaning their inability to compete with certain other clubs in the division paying hundreds a week to certain players. When they won the league at a canter a couple of seasons ago it was all done for peanuts you see. Anyway Brian Wotsisname seems to have disappeared, presumably looking for another Sussex club to return to the comforting embrace of county league football.

Really do have to feel a bit of sympathy for all those at Peacehaven that only ever just wanted and worked for a sustainable community club - hopefully they can keep things together.

Funny story of the week comes from those odd people over the water. Former Jersey FA president Ricky Weir told BBC Jersey that he has no doubt the Crapauds could host international football if their bid to join UEFA is successful. The article then informed us that Gibraltar play qualifying matches in Portugal as their ground doesn't meet UEFA standards, holding just 5,000 spectators.

Then the trumpets came out as Jersey's largest ground, Springfield, holds 7,000 leading Mr Weir to be 'absolutely convinced that Springfield would be the place'. 'There may be some additional enhancements that need to be done' but he's convinced they would happen.

He could be right of course. All it would take is another 3,000+ seats, segregation for visiting supports, lots of secure zones for VIPs, press and so on and so forth. Probably easier to achieve than the failed bid for permission for a 6 foot fence around the place.

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