Friday, 23 October 2015

Who's to Faversham then eh?

Off to Faversham tomorrow then for Nutty's 2nd 50th birthday celebration and, to be fair, he doesn't look a day over 100. Take a look at the Away Days page for a bit of travel info and a bit more info on refreshment opportunities.

Time's getting on so, as far as the travelling squad goes, I'm going to be lazy and do a straight cut and paste from the club's website:

"Injuries to Alex Le Prevost and Tom De La Mare on Wednesday mean the duo drop out the squad for Saturday's Ryman South trip to Faversham.

Tom Strawbridge, Luke Winch, Ryan-Zico Black and Craig Young also do not travel due to unavailability, while Matt Loaring is still away and Sam Cochrane has not recovered from the knock he sustained against Chipstead. Angus Mackay is still out.

Those back in the squad include Leroi Riley, Blair Howitt, Glyn Dyer and Kyle Smith.

The full 14-man list is as follows: Tardif, Riley, Geall, Isabelle, Dodd, Steel, L Mahon, Dyer, Fernandez, Howitt, Heaume, Allen, McGrath, Smith."

No doubt a few more raised eyebrows at what doesn't look like a great turnout for a Saturday, at a time when things are starting to look up. Injuries can't be helped but we'll just have to draw our own conclusions as to' unavailability' and 'still out' and scratch our heads as to what's happened to all the other lads that turned out in the past, looked promising and, er, seemingly been lost without trace. Hopefully to conclude 'can't be arsed' will be well wide of the mark.

The form guide, as you can see below, suggests we should go to Faversham with reasonable expectations. We know we can expect a fairly tough, physical encounter though and the squad, or should I say lack of options therein, suggests we're going to be up against it once again.

Faversham Town621357-27
Faversham Town8215610-47

Hoping to hobble aboard the 10.52  Llama Express from St Pancras, arriving in Faversham at Noon.

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