Tuesday, 20 October 2015

An opiate infused ramble...

A look at the league table or the form guide last Friday would have led you to believe a stroll in the park was going to be the order of the (following) day. But those cads from Chipstead turned up with a much changed side from the one that had amassed just 2 points from 13 matches.

The ability for clubs at this level to make wholesale changes as many times as they can (hopefully) afford during the course of a season arguably skews things more than a few sides having to travel to Guernsey midweek, but I digress so back to topic.

Anyway a lacklustre, to put it mildly, first half performance saw Chipstead take a shock (to anyone following via Twitter and the like and therefore not aware of quite how woeful we were) lead from the penalty spot. 'Worse than garbage' was Steve Sharman's assertion the following morning (at the airport presumably not a bathroom at the Yacht (will explain tomorrow)).

Following what was probably a full and frank one-sided discussion at half time changes were made things certainly changed in the 2nd half. And the hero of the 3/4 of an hour was the mercurially talented, sometimes flawed, occasionally mis-understood talent that is Luke Winch. A marvellous first goal, a splendid second and he would surely have had a tremendous third if the penalty had come after the goals not before. No way would he have allowed Rocco to pull rank if he was fouled in the box when on a hat trick.

A good three points at the end of the day and the regular patrons at the ARS got to know the enigma we call Nutty Neale. Gazois has just sent in his jottings about the trip over to the rock which I will share with you tomorrow  but reports from Kent suggest that Matron had the best weekend for a long time having been freed of her charge or a couple of days.

Quite a test tomorrow with Molesey visiting the ARS. The form guide based on last 6 matches can be found if you scroll down from the league table and they're sitting at the top of that particular tree. We are not far behind however so tomorrow should see a good contest. We need to be up for it from the off though as if we do have aspirations of playing at a higher level then the sluggish starts (that we got away with in the CCL days) have to be consigned to history.

Elsewhere in the Isthmian South on Saturday there was a minor tremor at Folkestone who were beaten by Faversham, our hosts this coming weekend. Some Folkestone fans appear to be a little concerned about their drop in form but the form guide suggests it's not been that bad. Coming weeks will confirm if there should have been a 'yet' there of course but Folkestone remain the team we need to compare ourselves against when pondering the possibilities of promotion.

If you're to the ARS tomorrow enjoy the game and look forward to reading about Nutty's trip down the yellow brick road when you get home. Until then I'll keep taking the class B drugs that my GP has kindly given me for considerably less than I'd have to pay down at the local park.

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