Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Luke, Luke, Nutty & Dom (not necessarily in that order)

A few eyebrows will have been raised when the starting 11 for tonight's match against Molesey was announced and the name Luke Winch was absent. A few more will have been raised when Molesey, who were top of the form table prior to kick off, took the lead after 13 minutes.

It went mostly well after that though and the virtually ever dependable Dom Heaume seems to have played a big role in bagging the three points. Oh the joys of following a match via Twitter, the 21st century Ceefax (sort of).

It's all looking so much better for GFC than it was a few short weeks' ago and with matches against the likes of Faversham, Three Bridges and Folkestone in the next few weeks, we'll soon have a much clearer view of where we are likely to be at the end of April 2016.

Still far from convinced that we would stay up if promoted even if Luke Watson signs, as some local media reports today suggested may well happen soon. Incidentally, Luke followed our Twitter account last night, surely conclusive evidence that he will be signing.

But say we do go up and stay up, what would that mean? It would certainly be good for GFC and the GFA would enjoy more exposure in certain parts of the UK media for Guernsey football. But what about Guernsey and, indeed, Channel Island football as a whole?

Leave you to ponder that for now, in the meantime scroll down to read about Nutty's visit to the rock last weekend, with colour pictures to boot.

Keep it Green.

Allez les Verts!!

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