Thursday, 15 October 2015

Dreams, commitment and Fancy Dans

Football is, arguably, the world's most popular sport for a variety of reasons. One is its capacity to offer supporters a glimmer of hope in the gloomiest of circumstances. Another is the dream of many a boy and, it's whispered, even some girls to score the match winning goal in a cup final with a wonder strike.

Then there's all the things that spring up around football, like the chance to sample food from outlets so good they make the Ritz look more like the tuck shop at the old Boys Grammar in Brock Road.

OK, as GFC supporters any gloom and despondency we've been feeling is actually more like a bright place for many other clubs' supporters. We haven't seen anyone in green and white score a match winner in a final (cup or vase) of late either.

We have seen 4 points from 2 away matches in the last 5 days though, when we pitched up with a squad of 13 on both occasions. Hands up who was expecting that a week ago? Can't see many hands.

We've seen some good goals, including a Ross Allen hat trick against Walton Casuals. Three good goals overshadowed by a finish that Josh Steel will probably try to replicate at every training session from now without success. What a strike though and in the unlikely event you haven't seen it I suggest you go to the club's site or search 'GFC Manelanders TV' on YouTube as soon as possible.

Just goes to show what can sometimes happen if you have have a go, rather than looking for a pass for another  to take responsibility.

The last couple of games have seen some steel in midfield as well, not just through Josh but Fernandez (and others) getting stuck in as well. An approach to the midfield that's crucial for success at this level and above.

Added to this Ross Allen has ditched the ankle socks and Mr Heaume has remained his indomitable self. At the back things have been tighter, not quite as a duck's arse yet but our back line has looked a much happier unit over those last 2 games.

Tony Vance has talked of player power, as in the power to retain the shirt and what he means, and I agree with him, is that the players that haven't featured in the last 2 match day squads won't automatically return when they are next available. They have to work to earn their place.

Josh Steel is an obvious example when it comes to commitment and based on his current form it will (should) take a very good player indeed to take his place in the starting eleven.

Another player I'd like to call out is Simon Geall. He's not blessed with speed and he's not the most gifted (as in Fancy Dan) but he's a proper fullback (i.e. can boot Fancy Dan up in the air when necessary)  who knows and plays to his strengths. He's also suffered a couple of injuries whilst playing for GFC that would have meant hanging up the boots for many. Added to which he might be Bailiff one day (although my money's on Mrs G). An asset to the club that's not to be sniffed at (especially if he does become Bailiff).

Being hampered by a dis-functional leg I've been relying on Li'l Craig's stream to see these last 2 games. Hard to believe that he's just using a 'phone and a tripod yet manages to stream in better quality than the pro's can do using thousands of pounds worth of kit. Also he's the only one that managed to film Ross Allen's goal at Herne bay.

For that goal, go to his YouTube channel (search for GFC ManelandersTV). For live streams go here:

The only downside about Craig's stream is that he stands next to the BBC commentator which can be a painful experience (i.e. at Merst Ham on Saturday).

If anyone in Guernsey wants to stream home games for us Manelanders run a trial and, if it works, we can have a whip round to cover the costs (about £30 per month looking at Sure's tariff). Best run it past the DC first though.

I hope to be back watching 'live' at Faversham.

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