Thursday, 3 September 2015

Lewes to Sittingbourne with Pasties (blimmin good ones as well)

Ah well, at least this season's FA Cup campaign lasted slightly longer than the last one.

Everyone's a bit cheesed off with the manner of the defeat and Tony Vance is 'getting a bit bored of making excuses'. This time he wasn't making excuses though and yes, dear reader, he does realise that we're not too hot when it comes to defending.

Not too hot to the point of being sloppy quite frankly. The four goals conceded against Phoenix Sports suggest that the occasional jump to attempt to put head to ball would help, as would keeping the opposing players within touching distance (or at least knowing where they are).

Defending is a bit of a dark art and a good defence takes pleasure in denying the dashing types that play up front their opportunity to score. If you can kick the oppo in the air, without being noticed by the match officials, that's an added bonus.

So after that little lesson a clean sheet is expected against Sittingbourne on Saturday (all so easy to say from the sidelines eh dear reader!).

Talking of Sittingbourne, essential travel info plus a bit about the club can be found on the 'away days' page. The home made pasties in the cluibhouse last year were superb by the way.

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