Sunday, 21 August 2016


One for the ladies.
A decent enough crowd of 1142, though not a patch on the days when we were, apparently, playing pub teams, saw what can only best be described as a game of two halves at the ARS on Saturday.

Eschewing the opportunity to log in to a dodgy stream delivered via servers in multiple former Soviet republics (yes Dear Reader the match was being touted alongside numerous top flight matches across Europe) I witnessed proceedings courtesy of  Auntie Beeb's wireless coverage via the iPlayer.

Now I already knew that Simon de la Rue has a face (and hair) fit for radio but it turns out he's got a voice for it as well. It probably helped that he had a co-commentator from Thamesmead so the mix of commentary and conversation not only kept him awake but made for a balanced broadcast that provided more than enough pictures for anyone with a vague notion of what a football pitch looks like. Very good coverage indeed.

If I was the DC and I was thinking about relaunching GFCTV I would give serious thought to a mix of live audio stream and video highlights at a reasonable cost, £3-4 a month say.

Not for the first time a dreadful first half performance. Words were spoken at half time, aren't they always you might be thinking and you'd be right. Sometimes the half time talks reveal a side to Messrs Vance and Fallaize that would make some in the Garenne feel ever so slightly uncomfortable.

I witnessed this myself at halftime in the play-off match at Leatherhead a couple of years ago when a combination of accoustics and a very small open window at the top of the wall meant I heard voices as I made my way to the clubhouse. So enthralled was I that I never made the half time pint.

Anyway the 2nd half was largely like the first but flipped on its head and turned inside out. The press was on, the momentum swung and Oi Oi, that man Pedders otherwise known as the ageing,balding (not say one of the finest footballers the island has produced) Dave Rihoy pulled rabbits out of his magic hat. Both teams could have got a late winner and there's probably a scientist somewhere that can explain how Thamesmead hit the inside of the post only for it to bounce out. Witchcraft probably, courtesy of someone from the Torteval definitely.

So a cracking cup tie, lots of plebs got their picture with the cup and I discovered some enticing prices for a trip I'm planning in the Autumn at the kind of hotel that's right up my street. I will be paying my own way however, unlike the bloke(s) from the FA.

All of the above means that Tuesday is POETT day.Talk to people in some parts of London and they'll have you believe that Thamesmead is the last place on earth you'd want to visit. All I can say is everyone I've ever known from that neck of the woods has been completely lovely and the football club and all associated seem sound as a pound, so a warm welcome awaits. It's not on a tube line though which may explain the negativity in some quarters.

Make your own way to London then it's about 30 minutes by train from London Bridge to Abbey Wood then 5 minutes on the 229 bus towards Thamesmead Town Centre (get off at Lister Walk). Going there trains and buses run approx every 11 minutes, lots of them coming back as well. Abbey Wood is in TFL Zone 4 so a travelcard or season ticket that includes Zone 4 will cover the bus as well. Alternatively pay via an Oyster card and the bus will be £1.50 each way, you can't pay with cash on London buses. Otherwise it's a 2 mile walk. The Lister Walk bus stop is just a few minutes walk from the football club (walk in the direction of travel of the bus, the ground is on the right).

If you do need to rest between getting off the train and getting a bus there is a boozer next to the station as well as the usual variety of eating, plucking and retail opportunities you expect in suberbia.

All we need is for a decent squad to turn up, got to be worth a go as a home tie against Chertsey Town of the CCL awaits the winner.

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