Friday, 19 August 2016

Fever pitch

They say the best way to treat a fever is rest and plenty of fluids. Which probably explains why the GFC directors and associated liggers holed up in the OGH for a drinks reception with the 2 year old version of arguably the most famous trophy in the people's game.

The OGH is the perfect venue for this iconic symbol of the people's game, there's no better place in the island to ensure it's centre of attention for the island's proletariat during its stay. It certainly won't be anything to do with some bloke from the FA getting a couple of nights in one of their over priced, over chintzy, pokey little rooms. Could it?

The plebs needn't worry though as they will get their chance to be close to the cup tomorrow morning at the ARS, if they're prepared to miss a few minutes of 'Ring and Buy' to guarantee their place in the queue that is.

Tomorrow's match against Thamesmead will be the first FA Cup tie played outside of the UK. Thamesmead are up for it. Everyone at GFC is up for it. Having turned up in their thousands for the likes of Bedfont Sports (usually known as the Small Field) and Spennymoor, not to mention the hand wringing at away draws in previous seasons) you'd think the Guernsey public would be up for it. With a quarter of the seats at the ARS yet to be sold it could well be that Guernsey prefers Dengue to Cup Fever but I'm hopeful that the great Guernsey public has finally woken up to the fact that sitting at football (unless forced by the Feds) is just for the elderly, infirm and criminally insane.

Sadly though I suspect the match will attract an audience somewhat smaller than was the norm in the CCL days. Thamesmead have got off to a good start in the Isthmian North. Our lads must be feeling they have something to prove having just a single point from two games. Notwithstanding we have a few injury problems this could be a cracker of a match in what IS the only domestic club knockout competition that captures imaginations around the globe.

If you can be there you have to be, surely?

After the match do what I would do. Put your champagne socialist hat on and piss off down to the OGH to enjoy yourself with everyone else.

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