Monday, 18 January 2016

ARS, Goal, Perspective

Been a while.

And, sad to say, I only saw the second half of the match against Whyteleafe. Looked like a fair degree of huffing and puffing but we held out when the visitors threw the kitchen sink. As for the winning goal, well I have to say I was bemused as to the delay ......................
in taking the throw in whilst they waited for Doddie to cross the pitch (given it was so late in the game).
 He was spot on with the throw though and the finish by Ross Allen was something to behold (go to ITV Channel Islands website for the best view).

The pitch at the ARS didn't look great. It seemed very bumpy in places but will,eventually, cease to be an issue when GFC gets it's own ground. Don't expect an announcement any time soon but it is being worked on.

We're top of the form table at the moment, which is fantastic, but we are a long way from assuring promotion. So let's try to keep things in perspective. For now.

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