Sunday, 26 August 2018

Three Bridges

Encouraging news ahead of our trip to Three Bridges in that we have a squad of 16 travelling. A bit of a rarity these days and with Coach Pad also onboard there can surely only be one outcome, we'll find out what around ten to five tomorrow.

Sad to see that Alex le Prevost will no longer be moving at pace across the greensward of the Isthmian League. Entirely understandable given the cards he's been dealt on the injury side over the seasons. Does leave a question as to what to do with the  Tequila though.

In other news, a newly launched window cleaning business is sponsoring a player of the month award, dubbed the Callum Stanton Trophy apparently.

If you're going to the match tomorrow a reminder, in case you've forgotten, that Three Bridges (the area) doesn't have much going for it. So we'll be getting off at Crawley to visit the White Hart and the Brewery Shades. Should be in the White Hart around 11.30 with the choir master in attendance. If time allows we might make the Snooty Fox, opposite Three Bridges station, before heading to the ground.

Anyone flying over for the day needs to be aware that there'll be  about 30 minutes walking involved.


'You're barkin' useless ref' was, I'm fairly certain, the shout I heard on several occasions last Saturday afternoon. ...