Monday, 20 August 2018

Hard Road

As we trundled towards Whyteleafe, via Caterham on the Hill, the talk was of how many. How many pints would be consumed given it was another glorious hot and sunny day and it's sensible to pace oneself in such conditions. Also how many would we lose by; no outcome other than a defeat seemed on the cards following the manager's promise of a brave new style which would guarantee us conceding goals. It could however "give us a little bit of a niche, certainly against certain teams in certain games" (not to mention the lack of a full pre-season schedule).

No, I haven't a clue what he means either and I had to make a quickish getaway after the game so didn't have the opportunity to find out. I will certainly endeavour to do so at Three Bridges.

The King and Queen at Caterham on the Hill was a good call by Caterham Steve and the notion of pacing was soon abandoned. By the time we reached Church Road positivity, and more, was coursing through our veins and after Will Fazackerley's rather good goal we had 10 minutes or so to enjoy being top of the league. Even going in at one each we remained upbeat.

Unfortunately the team forgot to come out for the second half, possibly something to do with that 'orrible purple kit they're forced to endure when there used to be a perfectly acceptable sky blue option available (with a nod to Guernsey's football history to boot).

Incidentally, Whyteleafe didn't look that good themselves, probably a bit knackered after a full pre-season schedule.

One particularly welcoming feature of the ground hasn't changed since we first went there in the Vase...

Having passed on the opportunity to subscribe to GFCTV (although you nearly had me with the line about subs being frozen lads) 'social' media was the order of the day for following our fortunes against Ashford United, then post match comments/reports. Impression gained was similar to Whyteleafe, decent enough first half but no chances taken this time, abject 2nd half.

Played 2 lost 2 doesn't read well but it's not exactly a unique record in this league and we can be confident that we will come good. Thing is we don't know when,  and therein lies the concern. With two going down again this season, clubs in the relegation mix will be doing whatever it takes to stay up. They didn't have to bother last season and geography isn't on our side in such a scenario. 

This season might be short on matches (17% GFCTV boys) but the road might seem longer and harder than before. So we need to get our nose in front of the pack sooner rather than later and, dare I say, the visit to Three Bridges would appear to present the perfect opportunity to break our points duck. 

Cancel any other plans you may have for the Bank Holiday, and get along to support the lads instead.

A sausage, a wrap and a mild mannered janitor.

With the trials and tribulations of last season fast receding and o the back of three impressive displays, unbeaten against teams expected ...