Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Le Parking (pour l'avion)

Much of what I've read in the aftermath to Saturday's match match at Carshalton has contained mention of things such as gamesmanship, defending deep, 10 men behind the ball and so on.

All of which was anathema to Guernsey FC until recently which, arguably, is why we find ourselves avoiding relegation due only (largely) to the pyramid restructure. Vance and Co appear to have discovered the musings of Plato (necessity/mother of invention....) so we find ourselves sitting back, away from home to the form team in the league.

Primary objective for any game has to be don't lose, which puts the emphasis on the opposition to do what it takes to win at home. Yes it was negative but needs must and as for the suggestion in some quarters that GFCs squad selection at times is' taking the piss' I would beg to differ. Far worse are those clubs that spend money at a rate they can't really sustain in order to be successful,  then have to put out a Sunday morning side when the money tap is turned off. Which may have been the case in the recent past for some of clubs that the moaners support.

Back to Saturday though, it was good of the locals to help Callum with his counting. Talking of whom, he looked all at sea at times in his first couple of games back but has made tremendous progress since and has been in inspired form recently. So tremendously inspired in fact that it's bordering on marvellous but I won't tempt fate.

Honourable mention goes to everyone's favourite left back, Glyn Dyer, who ran his socks off up front.

Anyway, enough of that, as we all know the match itself is incidental to the day as a whole. Although we were aware of half priced beer in the clubhouse before the game for us, in the spirit of 'sports tourism', it was the Sun and the Hope before heading for the ground. Both were very good as expected, even though the British gangster flick look might suggest otherwise. Just the one brave soul from the bargain bucket supporters day trip managed to escape and join us in the town and what an odd chap he was. A photo will no doubt follow in the next day or so.

Corinthian Casuals up next and parking the plane seems morally the right thing to day after the last two games. Come back on Friday for a look forward to our trip to beautiful Tolworth.

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