Friday, 23 March 2018

Carshalton 'Preview'

Those of a nervous disposition are advised not to look up details of Carshalton's current form, it doesn't make for pleasant reading. Expectations are therefore lower than they were on our recent visit to Walton on Thames but, with a fair smattering of U12s in the travelling squad again, anything could happen. No pressure lads.

Normally it's a case of wanting a win come what may but, with relegation not on the agenda, if you were Vance would you be preparing for next season? Probably, it seems the sensible thing to do. As far as tomorrow is concerned there's only one result that really matters and that's the one in Alderney.

The Llama Express arrives in Carshalton around Noon tomorrow and the first stop will be the Sun on North Street. Out the station door, turn left then right onto North Street and its a few minutes down on the left. Very nice pub that caters for all types and ages with a decent choice of ales and food.

From there we'll be visiting the Hope on West Street. From the Sun you simply cross North Street, follow a cut through them turn right onto West Street and the Hope is on the right. From the station turn right out the door, then left onto West Street. This is a real community pub, owned and run by members of the local community with plentiful ales and food available.

The ground is a short walk up West Street (ie turn right out of the Hope or the station) to a mini roundabout where Colston Avenue is the turning off to the left. Ground is a short walk down on the right.

There's a lot more to traipsing around following Guernsey FC than football, as you'll know if you recognise this:


If you know where this is and what makes it special to some of us send your answers on a postcard.....

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