Monday, 5 September 2016

Donkey Spirit

A good point in the end on Saturday after another abysmal first half show. Being slow out of the traps is nothing new for us but early indications are that we've taken it to a new level this season.

Tomorrow's match at Corinthian Casuals doesn't exactly fill us with high expectations. They've had a good start, second in the league having dropped fewer points than we've one, and they'll be looking to cement their position as the current highest placed amateur side in the football pyramid.

An accolade they'd held for years until we came along so there's an incentive for whatever squad we put out tomorrow night. Whatever happens it is unlikely to be as abject a performance as we witnessed in Tolworth two years ago.

If the playing squad bring along the donkey spirit that was missing 2 years ago and maybe even talk to each other on the pitch then maybe the result won't matter so much. Show grit and determination from the off, that donkey spirit in other words, and the pressure for points in the short term will ease.

In short play as a team, support and encourage each other throughout, whatever happens. If the coaching staff deliver the half time bollocking before the match that might help as well.

If you see Manelanders disappear before the end of the game it's just to get the 9.43 train. Casuals would surely add a few to the gate and take a few more quid in the clubhouse etc if they kicked off at 7.30 (the trains are every half hour to 9.43, hourly thereafter), but what do I know.

Manelanders going by train just need to take a left out of Tolworth Station, another left down Toby Way then left again along Hook Rise South. On your left behind the fence is a development site where once stood the Toby Jug pub - the site of the official unveiling of Ziggy Stardust. Developers want to put over 700 homes on what is a fairly small plot, if you ignore the rock history element.

The tea/burger bar at Casuals is somewhat on the slow side but pre-match sustenance can be obtained along The Broadway (other side of the big roundabout left of the station), particularly at Superfish which has good reviews by people that know about food. It's got a grog licence as well, what's not to like?

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