Friday, 2 September 2016

6 Ps in South Park

If the first half at Ramsgate on the opening day of the season was like a blancmange, the performance at South Park on Bank Holiday Monday as a bit of an Eton Mess of a thing. Or akin to an evening at Port Soif, an occasional promising move but, ultimately, no penetration.

In the South Park goal James Wastell, a tremendous chap, was rarely troubled. In the photo above you can see him relaxing midway thought the second half.

Bright spots were few but Tom le Tissier did alright between the sticks, and there were some decent cameos from the young 'uns (Seb Skillen's was more than a cameo to be fair).

All in all however it looked like a pre-season performance, with a few more games needed before we're ready for the season proper.

Bizarre story in the Press about Tony Vance laughing off suggestions that GFC are - or will be - involved in a relegation battle. Can't imagine anyone's really thinking about relegation at the moment, other than in a moment of black humour looking forward to the prospect of a return to the Small Field. That said there's no reason why we won't be involved in a relegation battle, someone has to be after all.

Let's not tempt fate by predicting anything against Chatham at the ARS tomorrow but a nil return would be followed by Corinthian Casuals, Carshalton, Faversham and Tooting & Mitcham, none of which will be a walk in the park. In a month's time the GP story may not seem so bizarre, let's hope not though.

If you're to the ARS tomorrow be the twelfth man and get behind the lads.

Keep it Green.

Allez les Verts!!

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