Friday, 6 November 2015

St Luke and a day trip to Folkestone

If you don't take your chances when you're on top in a match, don't be too surprised if you lose. Particularly if a bit of red mist descends and one or two decisions go against you, although you maybe should have been almost out of sight by then. And so it was on Wednesday at the ARS.

Luke Winch has taken some stick here and there for his rash action a few minutes after coming on in the second half. He can be annoyingly unpredictable and flapping an arm at someone you're not even looking at is ridiculous when he could have turned around around lumped him one to at least get some value for the red card...

Yes he can be (very) annoying but I like the fact you tend to only get one extreme or the other with Luke. No boring middle ground and rarely a dull moment. when he errs there's a kind of honesty about it, it's there for everyone to see. For me that's preferable to a player that does things off the ball when he knows the officials are looking the other way and, like most clubs, we've got one or two that are prone to that from time to time.

So no calls here for him not to be picked again. I do hope Tony and Fal can coach the red mist out of him though because he could be a hell of a player for years to come.

Tomorrow we head down/up/across to Folkestone and with them being top of the league it would be good to turn up with a strong squad. We'll have a decent starting 11 and we'll have a couple of decent subs but, once again, just 13 travelling. Yes we've got a few in the treatment room but again, what about the other 80 something the programme editor would have us believe are on the books? Thrashing Centrals in the Railway this evening perhaps.

Essential travel details can be found on the away days page. If you're going from St Pancras there's a train getting in to Folkestone Central at 10.12 which gives ample time for a gentle stroll through the town, maybe stopping off at Greggs, down to the harbour in time for opening and an interrupted walk back up the hill.  If you haven't got time for all that sightseeing Folkestone's clubhouse will do you just fine.

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