Friday, 20 November 2015

Living, as some of us still do, in a world seemingly besotted with 'social' media, it's all about trending. As far as GFC goes what's trending is Tuesday Tonkings.

And fans of trending weren't disappointed at another tonking on Tuesday at Molesey. 

The 4-0 thrashing wasn't all doom and gloom however. Tony Vance introduced a little humour when telling the Guernsey Press 'I could come out with a barrel-load of excuses but there would be no point really' before going on to bemoan the shortage of players at his disposal.

He could do worse than look to youth and, to be fair, that is happening to an extent with the likes of Jacob Fallaize and Robbie Legg getting a look in recently. 

Next up we're to Walton & Hersham. Directions and suggested refreshment halts can be found on the away days page. On the league table page, you will find the current table, the form guide and a prredicted end of season table. 

Both sides appear well matched (according to the stats). A leading on-line bookie is likely to be quoting odds on the game tomorrow by the way.

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