Saturday, 28 April 2018

Nearly there....

The trip to Corinthian Casuals on Tuesday was fairly straightforward and relatively local, for me at least. Door to door just two hours each way, including a smidgin under 3 miles walking which, would you believe it, included just over a mile in the pouring rain.

Casuals play at King George's Field in Tolworth, a place mainly known these days for a roundabout, the A3 and Tolworth Towers where, it is said, thousands of families from all corners of the globe can be found living in the plumbing and paying wealthy philanthropists through the nose for the pleasure.

The ground probably looks like a bit of a dump to some but to others is a little atmospheric gem but whatever your view it does have plenty of covered standing. Not to mention the welcome arrival of Stowford Press in the clubhouse.

To the game and the question of whether we deserved to lose 5-0. I can only suggest that the answer lies in the fact that they scored five and we didn't. That said, the under 12's involved acquitted themselves well and we did make their defence look uncomfortable on more than one occasion. We can only wonder what would happen if we had the opportunity to play them on a Saturday with a full squad that hasn't picked itself for one reason or another. Maybe next season eh?

On to today, last day of the season and a trip to Bromley to play Cray Wanderers. Going by train you want Bromley South and opposite the station you'll find the Richmal Crompton where those of a green and white persuasion will start to gather from 11.00 before making the short walk to the ground where, from 1pm you have the opportunity to nibble on Nigel's sausage on a stick and Debbie's very popular lemon drizzle.

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