Monday, 25 May 2015

Since we last met the Muratti happened.

Having seriously considered a day trip I took the view that, as it was bound to be streamed by Crapaud TV and somewhat less than a majority of the UK electorate had introduced another 5 years of austerity, I would save the cash for a rainy day.

Glad I did as, just 5 minutes in to Jack Boyle's audition, I found myself screaming out for a change in tactics. My screams did not go unnoticed as midfielders were introduced, eventually. Sadly we were well into the 2nd half and the Vase was already being wrapped up to survive a 5 hour inter island trip on Condor's fabulous Liberation, before changes were made. By which time the game was lost.

So we, as in Guernsey, still haven't won a Muratti at Footes Lane. Which is possibly because Footes Lane is an ARS and the spiritual home of Guernsey football is most definitely not an ARS. Still, as long as the sponsor's guests had a good lunch nothing else matters.

A few days later all emotions about the Muratti were to be put into perspective when we learnt of the passing of Mike Thomas.

Mike was born a Yorkshireman and moved to Guernsey in 2011. Over the years he made a contribution to island life that far exceeded that of the HNWIs that some in the States seem so keen on. Having left Guernsey before 1991 I first met Mike in 2011 and, by that time, he had developed a split personality. Part Yorkshire, part Guernsey, 100% Donkey Terrier.

Everyone that knew Mike will remember him for slightly different reasons. Here's one of our's:

Rest in peace Mike and rest assured that our thoughts are, and will remain, with Dawn and the rest of your family.

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