Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Speaking to the Guernsey Press following the Corinthian Casuals match, Tony Vance said "We have said so many times that when the composition of the squad allows us to make selection decisions, rather than having them made for us, we would improve. That is proving to be the case and we are in an enviable position right now.

With the likes of Dyer, Isabelle, Martin, Hutton and Young on the verge of full fitness again he has a point. With three away matches in a week from 31st January we do need to hope that player availabity means selection is a luxury available to Vancie and Fal before a run of 4 home games on the trot. That spell of 7 matches will surely be crucial to us ending the season there or thereabouts.

There seems to be growing chatter here and there about the prospects of GFC making the play-offs. As it stands the ideal scenario is probably to make 5th spot then bow out with dignity in the play 0ffs. That would send out a signal, given the way things were looking not so long ago, but, realistically,  we are lacking in depth/experience to have a tilt at step 3 with a reasonable expectation of survival unless, of course we had a season where all the luck goes our way. Which could happen I suppose.

If you're to Walton & Hersham on Saturday don't forget the train journey via Clapham Junction will take a lot longer than usual as there's a rail replacement bus service between Clarm and Surbiton. Keep an eye on the weather as well.

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